Apprenticeship Pilot 2020
Information regarding the 2020 Apprenticeship Pilot coming soon!  Please contact the Association at (902) 468-6477 if you have any questions.

Apprenticeship Pilot for Hairstylist Trade Update - August 2020

The Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia (CANS) and the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency (Agency) plan to continue with the Hairstylist Apprenticeship Pilot and accept the second cohort of apprentices. Our goal is to build on the success achieved to date and further determine the interest of salon owners and potential apprentices in an apprentice training model across the Province that more closely mirrors the apprenticeship experience.
As you may be aware, CANS and the Agency partnered to deliver an Apprenticeship Pilot Program commencing in March 2018 that began with 11 salons and 11 apprentices. Currently, there are 7 apprentices working in 7 salons, who are now very close to completion of an apprenticeship in the Hairstylist trade. CANS and the Agency have conducted evaluations of the salon owners, mentors, and the apprentices in this inaugural cohort group with very positive and encouraging results. In addition, throughout the Apprenticeship Pilot, there has been increased interest and requests from potential salon owners and apprentices in various locations across Nova Scotia to partake in the apprenticeship.

For information about apprentice and employer financial supports, please visit: https://nsapprenticeship.ca/agency/forms-publications 

For further information on the Hairstylist Apprenticeship Pilot or to register please contact the Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia at 902-468-6477, extension 207.

Apprenticeship Pilot for Hairstylist Trade Update - October 2018 AGM Update
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The Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia (CANS) and the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency (NSAA) have been working together to develop, plan, implement, and evaluate a blended direct-entry pathway for the Hairstylist trade. The Pilot Project was formally announced at the CANS Annual General Meeting on September 17, 2017. To date, we have confirmed 11 participants/apprentices and 10 salons (11 mentors.)

The development of the Hairstyling Apprenticeship Pilot is in response to an identified and expressed need of the industry for an alternative training pathway, as a value-add to the existing method of training Hairstylists. The purpose of the Pilot is to determine the level of engagement of salon owners to train apprentices on-the-job; identify the level of individual interest of those pursuing Hairstyling as a career through this training pathway, and provide a pathway for those who may not be able to access Hairstylist as a career due to various barriers.

The Pilot involves salon owners registering employees as apprentices who will learn the trade of Hairstylist through a combination of on-the-job learning via a mentor Master Hairstylist in the salon over a two-year period (3,600 hours,) during which apprentices will complete two levels of technical training. Each level will consist of the equivalent to ten weeks' technical training (six weeks online and four weeks in-class/lab.) Apprentices will challenge the Red Seal certification examination and be licensed by CANS upon completion of the required skills, hours of learning, and technical training.

Please click here for more information on Apprenticeship programs available in Nova Scotia.

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