• Disposable masks
  • Gloves
  • Face Shields
  • Disinfectants
  • Barriers
  • Signage
Eastern Esthetics – info@lcneast.com 

Maritime Beauty Supplies 
– sales@maritimebeauty.com

Euro Beauty – sales@Eurobeauty.ca

Cosmo Prof Beauty – 
contact your local sales rep or visit the store link

We are also including a list of several other businesses that we have been working with to access supplies.

Immu-Shield - powered by Zoono.
Website: Immu-Shield  Zoono
Special Member Pricing available - Contact:  Randy Hoyt <randy@immu-shield.com> or by phone at 902-452-7929 | immu-shield.com
Exclusive Zoono Distributor - Atlantic Region
Let Zoono Altantic come in and disinfect your salon. They will only charge for high touch/high traffic areas in spas/salons and not total sq footage, this generally works out to approximately 40% of the area in a salon, therefore a 3000 sq ft salon would be charged at 1200 sq ft or $240.00, this would include entrances, lobby seating, reception counter, all stations, washroom and lounge. All open floor areas, misc spaces and closets are excluded
  • FYI -
    Our product is 99% effective killing all bacteria, pathogens and Virus, on all surfaces for the full 30 days. The only other product (available in our market) claiming efficacy is Microban 24, which is rated as not effective on porous surfaces, and clearly states it has no 24 hour efficacy against virus - just bacteria.
  • Any spray being used (including Microban 24) must go on heavy enough to completely wet the surface for a minimum of 5 minutes(not wiped on), and be done regularly many times every day. 
  • To get the same coverage as our electrostatic spray it would take at least one full bottle of sanitizer to fully wet coverage of 3000 sq ft . As there is zero efficacy after dry, each location would need to redo application constantly(after each client) and each day. 
  • This would result in +4 bottles per day, per shop (if coverage is done correctly), and even in bulk this is +20.00 day 
  •  With standard sanitise products there is lost shop time between customers and a real labour cost in down time between clients, as product is applied/drying 
  • Our product not only works on all surfaces, but unlike other sanitiser products is eco-friendly, color safe, and non corrosive on fabric and leather type surfaces  
  • 8) Our product is fully effective (and on all surfaces) between applications, not just when wet so it is much safer for all staff/clients
The end result is much safer spaces  and much better overall costs to clinic/shop owners and operators.
Fact Sheet
Zoono Germ Free 24 hour hand sanitizer, HC Covid-19 listed Din# 02470403. The only HC Covid listed hand sanitizer offering full 24 hour protection.
Available Products: 
All orders placed on or after May 1st, 2021:
- 3.78 litre jug (1 US gallon) x 1 = 225.00 per jug
- 3.78 litre jug (1 US gallon) x 4 = 210.00 per jug
- 3.78 litre jug (1 US gallon) x 10 = 200.00 per jug
- 150 ml foaming bottle x 1 = 16.00
- 150 ml foaming bottle x 10 (minimum purchase requirement)= 15.00 per bottle
- 150 ml foaming bottle x 100 = 14.00 per bottle
- all prices are plus HST
- free shipping on orders over 150.00
* approx shipping cost for up to 3 foaming 150 ml bottles is 6.00

Also please note that for membership, from now until December 31, 2021 the first order of one (or more gallons) will include one wall mounted foaming hand dispenser at no additional cost and with each gallon sized order they will include an 8x10 vinyl poster/sticker (to place beside the complimentary dispenser) explaining the product,

Uniform Works Limited - 1-844-227-9272 or 902-468-5367
Here is a Sell Sheet of available PPE equipment with special rates for Members.
Email: wclyke@uniformworks.ca
Website: www.uniformworks.ca 

Noel Asmar Uniforms
Email: info@noelasmar.com
  • Facemasks – machine washable tailored to match uniform fabric & colors (3 pk - $6.50 US)
  • Uniforms

Harding Medical - 902-453-6900
Email: Janice.edwards@hardingmedical.com
Here is a Sell Sheet of available PPE equipment
Website: https://www.hardingmedical.com/
Flyer: (includes AIRMILES with purchases)

Nichent Energy Inc
 - 902-222-1746
Email: dhighmore@nichentenergy.com 

  • KN95 Masks 4.79 – cases of 500 ($4.79 per item)
  • Surgical 3 ply Disposable masks – cases of 500 ($1.25 per item)
  • Nitrile Sterile gloves
  • Face Shields – cases of 50

Cooke Store Fixtures - 902-423-8886
Email: orderdesk@cookesales.ca 
  • Faceguards & Sneeze Guards
  • Protection barriers for countertops crowd control (top-mounted or hanging)

GAP Group of Companies – 1-844-427-2886 ext. 116
Selling in smaller quantities as well. 

  • Hand Sanitizer: 235ml ready to use bottles of locally made hand sanitizer (75%) - $252 case of 24
  • Face Masks: Three layers of material. (box of 50 - $88) KN95 masks (2 per package $16.75/package
  • Disinfectant: Quat Ready 2 Go Disinfectant with DIN (500ml @ $84/case of 12 and 20L size @ $112)
  • Gloves: 6mil Nitrile Gloves – (Box of 100 @ $14.25 sizes M, L, XL)

Fastenal Products - 902-895-3601
Email: michabro@fastenal.com 
Website: https://www.fastenal.com
      3-ply masks (50 per box)
      Face Shield (110 per box)
      Nitrile Gloves

Source Atlantic - 902-717-6879
Email: guthro.luke@sourceatlantic.ca 
Website: www.sourceatlantic.ca/returntowork 
       Cleaning supplies
       Disposable masks
       Hand sanitizer 

Bounty Print - 902-453-0300
Email: ssoulis@bountyprint.com
Website: http://www.bountyprint.com/about-us/
       Face Shields (locally made) link
       Plexiglass barriers link
       Printable signs, posters & boards link

Massage Mercantile - 902-802-1099
Email: info@massagemercantile.com
Website: www.massagemercantile.com 
       Hard Surface Disinfectants
       Hand Sanitizers
       Masks & Shields
       Vinyl Zippered Pillow Cases/Wipable Pillows
       Vinyl Aprons
Free delivery to Hfx, Dartmouth, Bedford, Lower Sackville

Halcraft Printers Inc. - 902-453-4511
Email: sales@halprint.com
Flyer - click here

Sunnywei Northeast -
Email: barry@sunnywei.com
Offering free Fed-Ex next day shipping on orders over $200.00. Wholesale pricing for members.
  • Masks
  • PVC Gloves
  • Face Shields
  • Plexiglass Dividers
  • Gowns
Global Mask and Medical Corp - (780) 499-9144
Edmonton Alberta 
Email: gord@globalmasksupplies.com
Association members are provided discounts on the various items - use the member code “COSMO20” to
receive these discounts. 

JNP Enterprises Ltd (Eco Guardian) - 902-462-4857
Website:  https://www.ecoguardian.com/shop
Here is a "Flyer With Products" with products and descriptions. The promo code for Members is "cos5"
which gives you a 5% discount on anything that is purchased on the website.

Trim-Line United Sign - 902-222-8865
Email: mmalana@unitedsign.ca
Website: www.trimlineeast.ca
      KN95 masks are sold as a box of 20 units = $5.25 each plus tax
      Surgical masks are sold as 50 units = $1.65 each plus tax
      Nitrile gloves are sold as a box = $20 per box plus tax (L & M have 100 units per box, SM  has 300 units box)
Here is a flyer with some of our items and pricing COVID-19 Safety

LifeShield - 902-444-9362
Canadian Red Cross Training Partner
Email: kmohler@lifeshield.ca
Website: www.lifeshield.ca
In addition to the 10% off coupon code, a volume discount will be added directly to the website for more savings on the part of your members. There is also free shipping. 

ALL-TECH Environmental Services - (902) 835-3727
Email: mbond@toalltech.com
Website: www.toalltech.com
  • Business Re-opening Plans
  • Business Cleaning & Disinfection Plans
  • Cleaning & Disinfection Inspections and Verification Services
  • Indoor Air Quality Services
  • COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection Training
  • Respirator Training and Fit Testing
Safety Express - an Aramsco company 902-593-1500
Email: prae@safetyexpress.com 
Website: www.safetyexpress.com 
Here is some information on products 
PPE supplies Safety_Express_-_back_to_work.pdf
Sanitizing Station Safety_Express_sanitizer_Station.pdf

Metro Industrial Supplies Limited - 902 478-2497
Website: www.metroindustrialsupplies.ca
      KN-95 Face Masks  $4.50 each (packages of 10)
      Blue Surgical Masks 20 pack, $30.00 each pack
      Face Shields $8.00 each, various case sizes available
      We also carry a full line of disinfectant supplies.
These items are located in our Dartmouth store and can be made available for pick up or if required shipping will be arranged.

Allen Print - Dartmouth 902-209-6934
Email: lori@allenprint.ca
Website: www.allenprint.ca 
protocol material as well as promotional material
      A three-foot by eight-foot indoor/outdoor banner $100.00 plus HST.
      5,000 flyers/menus/take out menus printed double-sided in black ink, 8.5 x 11 $250.00.
      Window graphics, A-frame signs, handwashing posters are also available.
The prices do not include HST or graphics. 

This is an uncertain time for all of us and we are working hard to provide our Members with answers to 
these questions and more as we navigate through this closure and eventual re-opening.
Cosmetology Association (NS)
126 Chain Lake Drive
Halifax, NS  B3S 1A2

Hours of Operation
Monday 8:30 - 4:30
Tuesday 8:30 - 4:30
Wednesday 8:30 - 4:30
Thursday 8:30 - 4:30
Friday 8:30 - 3:00

*Holiday or Weather closures/cancellations will be noted in the Calendar.
Office: (902) 468-6477
Fax: (902) 468-7147
Toll Free: (800) 765-8757

General Inquiries

Provincial Exam Information

Executive Director
Dana Sharkey, CAE



Academy of Cosmetology
Hair, Esthetics, Makeup Artistry
33 Thornhill Drive, Unit 201. Dartmouth

Cape Breton Business College
Hair, Esthetics
93 Johnston Street, Sydney

CBBC - Halifax
Hair, Esthetics
1046 Barrington Street, Halifax
Eastern College
Makeup Artistry
7067 Chebucto Road, Halifax

Eastern Esthetics
Nail Technology, Hair Removal, Eyelash Enhancements.
19 Crane Lake Drive, Halifax

Hair Design Centre
Hair, Esthetics, Makeup Artistry
278 Lacewood Drive, Halifax
Hair Masters
Hair, Esthetics, Nail Technology
26 Archibald Ave., North Sydney

Elevate Beauty Institute of Cosmetology
Hair, Esthetics, Nail Technology, Lash Technician
77 Crescent Drive, New Minas

NSCC Annapolis Campus
50 Elliott Road, Middleton
NSCC Burridge Campus
Hair, Esthetics, Nail Technology
372 Pleasant Street, Yarmouth

NSCC Marconi Campus
1240 Grand Lake Road, Sydney

NSCC Pictou Campus
39 Acadia Avenue, Stellarton